Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Palberta “My Pal Berta” (OSR Tapes)

            Not that long ago, I saw a number of different cassettes come up on Bandcamp and they all linked to the same place: OSR Tapes.  When I looked into the label, I found out it was run by Zach Phillips, who is an accomplished musician in his own right.   So here is what was actually my first look into OSR Tapes, yet very far from being my last.

            The overall sound of Palberta could be best described as art rock.   They have the foundation set with vocals, guitars, bass, drums, etc. but they don’t necessarily use them all the way that other bands do.   It is in this way that Palberta reminds me of a band such as Deerhoof or Be Your Own Pet.  

            On some grander level, in a broader scheme of things, I can also hear a band like The Benjamins or Violent Femmes come out, though neither of those two are your typical rock bands either.   Somewhere in between those two bands falls a band such as The Lot Six, whom I’ve loved six their first EP, and that’s in the same sort of territory that Palberta falls.

            When I first saw this name, I kept trying to rhyme their name with Alberta, which is in Canada, and that almost made it sound like “pale-berta” but now because of the title I know to go with Pal-berta, with an emphasis on the “pal” of it.

            The way this jams it could make you think that perhaps it’s just one long song at times, and I’m fine with that, and yet at other times they take these little pieces of the songs and just seemingly put them on repeat which, yes, is a sort of Lot Six move, but again, I’m cool with both bands.

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