Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Big French “Would Not Try” (OSR Tapes)

            This is the first of four cassingles I’m listening to from OSR Tapes and I’ve got to say that it’s nice for someone to bring back the cassingles, packaging and all.   I know that bands/labels have made the cassingle feel before by putting only a song or two on each side.   There have also been those cassettes packaged in sleeves such as this.   But I have yet to see someone make such an effort to create specifically cassingles in this manner and more than once at that.  (I still fully support the idea of a label dedicated to only cassingles)

            As with the past, I have always felt that cassingles were a great way to sort of sample a band.  When I was in my youth and I’d go to the record store in the local mall, cassingles would be anywhere from $3.49 to the bargain of $0.99.   Of course, in those days, a full length cassette could run you $15 if it wasn’t really on sale.   But, I digress as I could probably type about cassingles and my youth with them all day long.

            This is the perfect example of a cassingle as it does exactly what it sets out to do—that is to say, what the intended purpose of it is.   Specifically, “Would Not Try” was released in conjunction with the “Downtown Runnin” LP available from Wharf Cat Records on vinyl.   I am by no means a huge collector of vinyl, but this cassingle did have me checking out the Wharf Cat site and has me interested in buying that record now, as well as the other Big French record available for sale there.

            These songs (of which there are four, two per side) begin with that sort of indie pop/twee quality, but quickly find their way kicking into punk rock n roll.   They get fuzzy on the second song and almost take up a garage sound before channeling Rolling Stones on the flip side.  To put it bluntly, this is just some good old fashioned rock n roll with a modern twist and everyone should be able to get behind that.  

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