Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: The Caution Children “Safe Crusades / No Judgement / And Baby” (Flannel Gurl Records)

            So there exists some band out there that I thought was The Caution Children but is in fact a different band with a different name entirely.  I wrote a review once for a band that I liked and Gina remarked how they sounded like Depeche Mode and I put that bit in the review.   That’s who I thought The Caution Children were, which is why I was excited for them to be on cassette, but apparently my signals got crossed and this is a band I did write a brief review for however not the one I originally thought.

            To throw another wrench into my works, the title of this cassette also makes me believe that this is a collection of three songs, but it’s actually a full album of ten songs, so go figure on the title I guess. 

            The Caution Children are hardcore and metal, but closer to screamo as well.   Bands like You’ll Live, The Dedication and Grade come out, though I don’t have an exact comparison to make with them because they still have their own sort of vocal styling, which is always important in a screamo band.

            The music can get slow and instrumental at times, where they kind of show off that they can truly play, and at other times it’s just all out mayhem crossing between metal chugging chords and the as-fast-as-you-can punk mentality. 

            I do feel like this music is coming back, if it was ever really gone, and there are obviously going to be a lot of bands that are just bad at it, but The Caution Children are one of the good ones.  In the mid to late ‘90’s and early ‘00’s I listened to this genre take off and I’m not really big on revisiting it any more often than I have to, but when I find a band that is of this caliber it becomes my pleasure to revisit it.  

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