Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: The Johns “Love and Words”

            When this cassette begins, there are beats and samples.  I hear the specific line “I can’t sing a love song the way it’s meant to be”, only it’s screwed so I’m having trouble placing it before I Google it and remember it’s from the song “Always” (Apologies to Bon Jovi)  

            There are other bits of sampling, but this does also take a turn into that indie pop rock category that comes with bedroom recording.    There is some synth dance parts as well, and overall this is just a fun blend of similar genres musically which best fit on cassette.

            The thing I find funny about these songs is how repetitive certain ones can be, “Take a Minute” and “Idiot” come to mind as I’m not even willing to count how many times the chorus is repeated throughout the course of the song.

            I understand though that songs can be repetitive and if you look at the lyrics of Nirvana, for example, many of those songs seem to repeat the same lines over, so this isn’t a bad thing just an observation.  If anything, it does help the songs to stand out and gives the listener a sort of familiar feel from the start which is often important when trying to win them over.

            These songs could be something from the earlier years of Happy Happy Birthday to Me, though I tend to think of them more as being something self-released (which they are), but saying something is self-released as a genre just seems so vague.   Either way, The Johns should be right for you if you enjoy a good time. 

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