Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sink Tapes “Touchdown Buffalo”

            Sink Tapes are a rock band at heart that have the qualities of other bands who have been best experienced on cassette and thus they should be as well.   From earlier acts such as The Smiths and The Replacements to Flaming Lips and what the kids call shoegaze, this is pretty much all sounds that come out best on cassette.

            There are some hints to obvious older bands such as the Beatles and even on the slower numbers they can sound like Lou Reed.  This does have a modern sense to it though, above the Belle and Sebastian type of feel which may not even be too modern in and of itself anymore. 

            Essentially, this is classic enough sounding to be a good fit for cassette, but with enough of a modern take on the genre of rock as to not really think of this as trying to directly copy something that already exists.  

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