Friday, May 9, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship “Ladies in the Dark” / Vanilla Beans “Tiger 1” (Boxing Clever Records)

                This is the second in a series of four records from Boxing Clever Records and I’m really vibing on the idea that Boxing Clever should start a “singles club”, if you will, where they put out a new record say once a month that is a split between two different bands, one song each.

                Both of these bands, after listening to them, became my new favorite band.  I immediately went to Bandcamp, learned as much as I could about them, and downloaded the songs that I could for free.  (I still need to buy the Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship comic book though)

                Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship is a fun, rock party type of band.  They can be hard to describe based upon one song, but if you listen to their other music then you can easily get a sense of what they are all about.   Add in the fact that this song appears on a record with totally rad artwork and you should be the proud owner of this record based on SFYYRS alone.

                But wait, The Vanilla Beans also have a song on here.   The Vanilla Beans are sort of synth pop rock, and I don’t want to say that they’re not fun, but they just seem to have somewhat more of a serious part to their music than SFYYRS.  Or at least, let me say that SFYYRS might have something a 0% level of seriousness and Vanilla Beans have some percentage, though I won’t put a number on it.

                These two bands pair together very well and there is nothing wrong with this record except for the fact that you don’t own it (yet).   These are two amazing bands that I have been exposed to because of this record and now my world will never be the same (they have warped my fragile little mind)  

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