Tuesday, May 27, 2014

notsoterriblemovie Review: Wrong Cops

                This is the third Quentin Dupieux movie out there, and on Netflix, and it is his third movie that I have seen.   What’s funny is that the last movie was simply called “Wrong” and this one just adds on the word “Cops”.   It also borrows a lot of the people from the movie “Wrong”, which also makes for a much better movie since the cast is not major actors but at least known within this world.

                The story here revolves around police officers who don’t do their jobs so much as what they want, which often comes with an abuse of power.    The genre for this could be somewhere between comedy and satire, but this has an engaging plot with quite a cast of characters that will have you begging for a sequel.

                In regards to the two prior Dupieux movies, “Wrong Cops” seems to sort of have a plot from the start to finish and less of the “no reason” theme to it.   Oh, it has its weird moments of course, but a lot more of it can be easily explained rather than just going to that belief that held “Rubber” and “Wrong” together so well.

                One of the main themes in this movie- believe it or not- is somehow music, and the fact that music is the proverbial glue holding this film together just makes it that much more appealing to me.  

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