Tuesday, May 27, 2014

notsoterriblemovie Review: The Brass Teapot

                A young struggling couple discovers a brass teapot which spits out money whenever harm comes to someone who has touched it.   At first, this is just a matter of self harm or harming each other, but then they learn they can get money (Sometimes even more) for harming other people, strangers and then even the emotional damage factor.

                One of the main points of this movie becomes a matter of killing a homeless stranger or someone who won’t be missed for a big payout.   At one point, skateboarders are brought into play as a source of pain which only makes me wonder why they didn’t just take it further than that.    And they do go to an MMA fight and that sort of idea, but why not go to a hospital for something other than child birth?  

                It is hard to come up with an idea to get fast cash for quick pain that happens to someone other than yourself, and I do feel like this movie and “God Bless America” could cancel each other out somehow (Imagine if those two duos got together—they’d be millionaires and no one would be safe), but in the end we get the old moral of the story that sometimes you’re just better off with what you have and shouldn’t be greedy.   

             All the money changed them and made them worse in many ways.   Just think about that the next time you’re feeling like you’re just trying to get by.   Money doesn’t buy happiness- never has, never will.    This is a good reminder of that.

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