Tuesday, May 27, 2014

notsoterriblemovie Review: Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus

                I wasn’t quite sure what this movie was going to be about, but oh what a strange journey it was.  It kind of, in some ways, reminds me of the movie “The Doors”, as this feels like something Jim Morrison could have been part of in his time.

                The story revolves around a cactus which is a rather powerful drug and a group of guys quest to find said cactus then go on the beach and experience such hallucinatory drugs.  Yeah, a lot of this movie is just about drugs and at least the main character’s desire for them.

                But then you enter someone who calls herself Crystal Fairy and she’s this sort of free thinking spirited hippie that I can’t quite accurately describe without you experiencing yourself.   Sometimes, a character makes a movie and when you have that character’s name in your movie title you better hope she makes the movie.

                In this case, this movie is filled with comedy, some drama, some action and adventure, but mostly it is the story of Crystal Fairy and she lives up to everything you would expect for her to be.  

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