Friday, May 9, 2014

notsoterrible Movie Review: Bending the Rules

            When a movie is made by WWE and it stars a former WWE wrestler, you know you’re in for a treat.   So here is what happens when Adam “Edge” Copeland (who was forced into retirement due to injury—basically, if he wrestles he can become paralyzed) becomes a chill cop who gets partnered with Jamie Kennedy. 

            One of the funniest aspects of this movie is the number of character actors in it.   Marshall from “Alias”, the mom from “Arrested Development” (Or Archer’s mom if you will), Alicia Witt, Jennifer Esposito… these are all people I recognize for some reason or another, so to sort of pull them all into this movie is a nice touch because at least it gives you some sort of credibility with actors who have at least been in other roles.

            Admittedly, I thought that this would be a buddy cop comedy because Jamie Kennedy should be funny, but alas, this was his one serious role outside of “Son of the Mask”.   Edge wears mismatching print shorts and shirts, has long hair, tattoos and sunglasses and plays the role of the cop who doesn’t seem to care but always gets the job done.

            In no way is this my favorite movie—I probably wouldn’t even buy it on DVD for a dollar—but it isn’t nearly as terrible as I thought it was going to be, and thus starts my “notsoterrible Movie Review series”.   Thanks, Edge!

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