Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ORM-D [Interview #175]

1)     What does ORM-D stand for?

ORM-D doesnt stand for anything the way I use it. Technically it stands for "other regulated materials - domestic" because its a shipping code for consumer chemicals and bullets, so you got your aerosol cans, windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, stuff like that. I worked at UPS for 3 days when I was 18 and aside from leaning how to properly lift a box, that's all I took from their training.

2)     Minneapolis has been home to some rather amazing musicians.  What is it like being there?

Yeah we got prince and stuff but some of the smaller known acts are really great. One by the name of Psymun, who I found on soundcloud a few years ago by chance and then it turned out we went to the same college for the same degree, small world. Others like Polica and Gayngs as well as Marijuana Deathsquads are great. I'm especially into MDS because they do live imrpov experimental electronic stuff. There's also Martin Dosh who is a multi-instrumental performer who does live looping stuff, definitely worth checking all those out. So overall it's alright, but there's not a huge electronic scene, mostly indie hip hop and rock, which makes it difficult to find venues who don't reject me.

3)     Why is your music on Bandcamp tagged as “poser”?

Ha, me and a friend tag our stuff as "braindance poser" as a long running joke. I also tag everything, or at least used to, as "terrorist" which is an even longer running joke probably since about 2006.

4)     Your album “ORM-D vol. 1” is available on compact disc.  Do you feel as if the CD is in fact not a dead form of art?

I don't think any media format is a dead form of art, except maybe DAT tapes, but they were never even marketed as a way to release things. Do you remember mini discs? Those are fucking dead, who even has one of those dumb mini disc players anymore? Some douche in like 5 years will bring them back I bet. Back to the question, it all honesty, I had a roll of like 100 cds and wanted to do a physical release through my bandcamp so I just burned 50 cdr's on my computer and sold them. I don't think anyone even bought one through bandcamp. In fact, I have 37 left.

5)     All of your music on your Bandcamp page is available at a Name Your Price Download.  Do you feel that there needs to be a set price on digital music- something standard, like a dollar per song at minimum- because even though digital downloads are not tangible in the way your CD as an edition of 50 might be, they still have value, no?

Sure they still have value, but since all the stuff through my personal bandcamp is self released it was more like "hey, here's some free music. If you like it, I'm open for donations" where as the cds I had to pay for the cds and all that shit so I charged 5 bucks.

6)     What was it like hooking up with Virtual Urban Records to be there first physical release?  I’ve been saying for at least two weeks now that Virtual Urban needs to put their releases out on cassette, if only because they released music by Mopfunk who has appeared on cassette before.

Yeah, I think they have a few cassettes up for grabs, maybe, don't quote me on that if they have less than 2 aside from mine. I know they DO have one by Special Olympic Acid who, oddly enough, we share a name. But yeah it was cool, I actually sent a demo to a different label and they rejected me but hooked me up with VUR and told me they'd be expecting a demo. So I emailed them some stuff, they liked it and now we're in cahoots together.

7)     This is also your first cassette release in general.  Are you excited for it?   Do you think that cassettes are the optimal way to experience recorded music?

I'm excited, it's cool to have a legitimate physical copy of my music and for people to be enjoying it and stuff. I don't think cassettes are an optimal listening experience, but there's things that come with cassette tapes that I like. It's got the analog hiss and natural compression that only comes with cassette tapes. I'd love to put out a 24 bit wav DVD mixed in 5.1 but that's probably out of the question for now.

8)     Are there any artists who currently have music on Virtual Urban that you would particularly like to do a split cassette with/remix one of their songs/have them remix your songs?

I like pretty much all the stuff on VUR and am in the works with some folks to do remixes. I'm also working with a future VUR artist as a duo, but that's really all I can say.

9)     Final thoughts, shout outs, questions, etc…??

Shout out to gmadef, bg, foul duke, and resting cell. Also, to whoever ripped Owsley and put it on those torrent and mp3 download sites, go fuck yourself, you swine (thanks for listening though)  

Thanks to everyone who bought the album, listened to it, and thanks for all the kind words and support. Much appreciated!

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