Friday, May 9, 2014

CD REVIEW: Benjamin Poole “Sing Yourself Better”

                What I perhaps love most about this compact disc is the packaging, but that doesn’t in any way underestimate the value of the music on here.  These are some folk songs of sorts, but the word folk gets thrown around so much I’m almost hesitant to use it here.  These really are just some good songs though and if you have Benjamin Poole’s cassette, as I suggested, then this is just as worth picking up.

                Not that long ago, only within a matter of years, digital music managed to kill the compact disc.  It was a death that most people did not care about and for me personally, I couldn’t have been happier.  CDs had become so mass produced and impersonal that I was sick and tired of not only buying them but also receiving them for free.  (That is a pathway to another story for another time though, which in part explains my absence from writing about music for a few years)

                “Sing Yourself Better” is very personal, not just musically, and it seems like something that someone would make as a musician and just sort of hand out to their friends and family like, “Hey, here’s some songs I made”.   And that in no way is meant to undercut the quality of the production here (and other word Warner Bros. probably likes to use), but yeah, I’m getting back into CDs again, but I’m being very choosy this time around.  This is one that you should choose.

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