Friday, May 9, 2014

CD REVIEW: Anne Chris Bakker “Reminiscences” (DRONARIVM)

                The first thing that I need to note about this CD from Anne Chris Bakker is that I struggled trying to get into it.   I kid you not—I was about ready to rip this open because I thought it was some kind of puzzle or had some sort of trick of how to get into it.   Needless to say, once I figured it out it seemed quite simple, though sometimes I still don’t pull the tray out far enough to lift the flap.

                “Reminiscences” is six songs, though the first two songs are long enough to be their own releases on some level.   We start with a noise that reminds me of a tugboat, and then the general sound on here can be described as ambient, atmospheric, quietcore and/or brooding.

                On my first listen through this, I made the note that there is a piano part following the first two songs and it reminds me of a sad indie movie.   Later on, when listening to this again and not paying any real attention to my notes, I thought I’d write down that it sounded like a soap opera.   In either case, it is rather good, it seems urgent at times, but it is also very much a mood.

                Perhaps the story here is how this music moves slowly in terms of tempo, yet somehow seems to move very fast otherwise.  It could send the room spinning whilst you are sitting still on your couch, wearing your headphones of course.  

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