Friday, May 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Chochos Y Moscas “The Shake of Fruit To Come” (Voluntary Whores)

            These songs are fast.  These songs are short.  Hell, this whole cassette is pretty short.  But it has the vibe of the Misfits meeting Converge, or Some Girls mixed with… I don’t know, Some Girls is a pretty good point of comparison. 

            The vocals have this lower pitched, sort of trance quality to them, so on some levels it does sound like Marilyn Manson, but on the whole this is just a fine example of why this thrashcore type of music comes off like a shooting star- hitting you where it hurts most and leaving that sting for a long time to come.

            This packaging is also interesting- and it seems to be standard for Voluntary Whores- as the artwork is closer to the size of a record than a cassette, and it was sent only inside a plastic bag so there is no real padding for the cassette itself, no plastic shell to protect it. 

            People don’t really think about it, but cassettes are pretty tough and, well, this one managed to travel quite a distance without that outer plastic coating and still survive the United States Postal Service.  Actually, that could be a metaphor for this entire cassette on the whole.  

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