Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Teeth "This is Why the Terrorists Attack Us"

             What a strange cassette this is.   It is heavy on the static, though sometimes seems to form beats somehow and just becomes this one, singular piece of drone synth from start to finish.  It could be said that it is only on one side, because Side B is blank, but it could also be said that it is only one song.  It also could somewhat easily be regulated down to one note being held down for the entire duration of this cassette.

            However you wish to hear it, there is a certain practice in drone here and the slight variations on it that makes you think and really have to just explore this before writing it off as crap.   There is a fine line between making something artistic out of drone and simply playing the same note for an extended time, and this cassette by Teeth walks that line tightly but still manages to be quite listenable. 

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