Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Only Child "ˈɡɑrlb​(​ə​)​ld"

            One of the first things that I wondered about this particular cassette was how the music and original content were spliced together.  I imagine the actual brown translucent tape being spooled out and dissected, almost cut apart into careful pieces and harvested back together in a patchwork manner.   But, I think that I might be over-thinking this a little bit.

            My best guess as to how this was mixed is something between the record and play buttons on a dual cassette deck, but then that does make me wonder how calculated and precise it was.   Was it drawn out so that the exact audio portions of the original cassette showed up at just the right time on the final cut?   Or was it just a matter of chance?  Either way, I do believe exploring either option could be met with the same sort of artistic merit.

            Amidst the chopped up Deepak Chopra I can hear guitar loops in distortion ala Jimi Hendrix coming out, but yet they also bring to mind something such as Sun Glitters especially on the “Guitar Loops for Christmas” EP.   It becomes ambient at times and the music even have vocals.  It's not something I can place directly into experimental or ambient or the such, but without the original tape backing it up it does have enough legs to stand on its own (complete with choir singing and spoken word bits)

            The concept of this cassette on its own is great to me, just from the perspective of listening to music, but the fact that Only Child has interlaced the music with an existing cassette of non-music just makes it that much more appealing.

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