Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Lex Plexus / Mr. Scared "Lasagna Lozenges/Hallow-fied the EP" (Bollokscraft Records)

            This split cassette by Lex Plexus and Mr. Scared is another perfect example as to why I love cassettes so much.   Granted, you could have the same effect in ways with a record, but this is still something that cannot be accomplished by the other mediums such as CDs or digital music files.  In fact, it almost feels as if these are two seperate albums by each artist as opposed to a traditional split where each would seemingly take half.  (I'm saying this is more like 2 than 1, if that makes sense)

            Lex Plexus starts us off with noises of water and rattling, though throughout this he is not afraid to throw in some random cat meows and I'm somewhat fine with that.    Amidst the audio clips, there are siren type sounds and overall just the general tone of static skipping.   This is a just wonderful piece of music in and of itself by Lex Plexus, yet somehow you get a whole other side by another artist as well.

            Mr. Scared dings the high piano keys over some static drone which makes me feel like we are being taken into the abyss.   Machine gun beats, acoustic guitar bits and Tom Sawyer synth round out this portion of the cassette that also has some robotic talk on it.   It is most excellent on the part of Mr. Scared.

            Often times I feel as if the measure of a good split exists when the two sides compliment each other just right, but with this particular one here I feel like either side could exist on its own and be fine.   I would put Lex Plexus and Mr. Scared in the same general category, at least to the extent that if you like one you'll most likely enjoy the other, but this is closer to two pieces of music than a split and I'm really digging on that.

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