Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Don't Talk to the Cops “Champions of Breakfast” (ggnzla RECORDS)

            One of the best comparisons I can make for this Don't Talk to the Cops cassette is that it reminds me a lot of what the mixed tapes used to sound like when I was a kid and would record the songs off of the radio.   The only thing is, I didn't listen to music this good as a kid as I have a distinctive memory of recording a lot of U2. 

            To describe the sounds of Don't Talk to the Cops is to describe something that is too vast to be contained by conventional boundaries.   It is hip hop, it has soul and it has a basic root of punk to it, but this doesn't really sound how you might expect based upon that.  In fact, whenever the terms “hip hop” and “punk” are together these days, aside from lazy journalists I think of Odd Future.   This really doesn't sound like Odd Future though, and I'm okay with that.

            There are instrumental bits, audio clips and just all around portions of this cassette that you might find in the cassette culture, yet it has a certain amount of funk- even closer to pop- in the tracks that makes me think of something along the lines of Outkast or Gnarls Barkely, though of course it is not exactly like either of those artists. 

            Don't Talk to the Cops seems to truly be something best experienced to understand, but I do assure you that this is more than enjoyable and could quite possibly become this summer's hot jam as I want to hear it blasting from boomboxes to car stereos. 

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