Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Kaleider “Denormalizer” (Bollokscraft Records)

            Much of what can be said about this cassette by Kaleider can be taken simply from the title of it.   To denormalize something would imply that it was at one point in time normal, but then you took it and made it into something that is not.

            Throughout these songs on both sides, Kaleider manipulates beeps, makes static noise sound almost like fire and keeps some synth gears grinding.  It does also go from some sort of alien noise to 8bit sounds, so it's not the easiest to place in terms of trying to conjure up imagery, but I like to think of this as being somewhat of a magic show.

            I picture Kaleider as one person, on a stage, doing what you typically think of at any given magic show-- sawing a lovely assistant in half, pulling a rabbit out of a hat, unhooking rings that appear to be fastened together, etc.   Only what Kaleider does is presents these illusions in such a way as to you recognize what they are, sure, but you just haven't seen them done like this before. 

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