Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Oakwood “Oakwood” (Driftwood Records)

            Oakwood is an indie hardcore emo type of band that, to me, most closely resembles I Kill Giants only without that extra special something IKG has.   There are six songs on this cassette in total, and I can't help but be bothered by their placement.   The song which kicks off the second side is also brought acoustic, which is fine, but it is only a song in between them.  This is pretty close to just having them back to back and that's a little too close for mu comfort.

            Even just moving the electric version of “I Had Two Pen Pals Once” to the end of the first side would seem to put a little bit mrre distance between the two, but it's not truly as much of a factor as perhaps I am making it out to be.

            My favorite line on here is “Just let me dig my own grave” and if you are a fan of bands like I Kill Giants, Old Gray and those others I always seem to reference then this will be right up your sleeve.

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