Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Olli Aarni “Yotaivas” (Crummy Kids)

            This is my second time listening to Olli Aarni and it feels like every time I experience this music it only gets better.  Aarni has this general static sort of ambient sound going on in the background almost constantly, but then there are also electronic bits and pieces (amidst other noises) on the forefront. 

            I could probably listen to this cassette a hundred different times and come up with just as many scenarios for you as to what is going on here, but the one that I have garnered and like best so far for this cassette is as follows.

            There is a fairly distinctive field recording sound to this.  It doesn't exactly sound like it was recorded in a field specifically, but rather that it be done in a studio or at home and made to sound like a field recording.   On top of this, you have noises that sound like the breeze or trees doing something, but yet they give you that overall forest feel.

            The thing is, these sounds are fairly electronic in nature as well, so as much as I think of them as being leaves rustling from some furry woodland creature, I also feel as if it is all taking place in a virtual reality.   Yes, perhaps the day has finally come and the only trees left in existence are holograms.

            In any event, this imagery is certain to paint some sort of picture in your mind, whether it be linked to the present or perhaps foreshadowing.   Either way though, I definitely see this as being nothing but hopeful.

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