Wednesday, May 21, 2014


            For all of the rock music I hear coming out on this cassette by Surfer, and most of it being guitar driven at that, I find it kind of odd because of their name that none of it seems to really be, well, surf rock.    Through these killer guitar riffs that can also bring the funk, I never really find myself thinking about riding big waves.

            Bands that do come out across this cassette vary and sometimes don't seem as if they belong in the same breath.   The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Hives and Tora Tora Torance go together fairly well, but there are also hints of Local H, STP, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dynamite Hack and The Damn Personals on the straight up rock n roll side of things.

            Along with some Stereolab perhaps the strangest comparison here comes in the form of early Marilyn Manson, and yeah, that guy seems to be everywhere these days if you count the albums that came before “Smells Like Children”.   I would also regret it if I didn't throw in at least one mention of Pavement.

            So this might not be surf rock, as the name would lead you to possibly believe, but I think it might be too cliché for them to have a genre so close to their name anyway.   That makes me wonder if there are any bands out there who have their genre in their name, or if they even should.  I'm looking specifically for a rockabilly band called Rock A. Billy & the Dee Williams if anyone has ever heard of them before or wants to form it, feel free to use that name. 

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