Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Son of a Gun “Take EP” (Why Pick On Me)

            Son of a Gun comes out fighting on this EP as it seems to be fast paced and heavy hitting from the start.   The songs right off the bat reminded me of Guttermouth, and I like that about them instantly, but then they take a turn toward an Epitaph band from Punk-O-Rama 4 era.   It’s actually kind of funny because some time around that compilation, Guttermouth themselves would sign to Epitaph and so whatever the label was doing then and liked about Guttermouth is perhaps the formula for Son of a Gun here.

            Aside from some just solid drumming, these songs also seem to feature a number of primal screams, which I’m always okay with as long as the energy calls for it and here it certainly does.   I like to think of Son of a Gun as falling somewhere between a better version of a band from Burger Records or just a more well trained version of Sex Pistols, but the problem with saying things like that is it feels to me more like putting others down than raising this band up.

            Side B does bring out a little bit of the skater punk, specifically ala U.S. Bombs, and then it even mixes it up a little bit with High Pop sounds as well.  But overall the best way to describe this one is just as being high octane and that’s always a good place to be: with your foot on the floor.   The song “Wrong Things” is also a good example that if you don’t get this stuck in your head and find yourself singing along, then I question your musical integrity.  

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