Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: History’s History “You Are What You Think You Are” (Lion Sounds and Tiger Noises Records)

            This is certainly emo-ish, like early Saves the Day or from back when Drive Thru Records was first starting out.  All nine songs manage to fit onto Side A, which is strange, but yeah, if you love group vocals and pop-ish punk then this will be perfect for you.   I like to think of this as that awkward time when cassettes were fading away and CDs were taking over.

            I went to a show and saw The Stryder, Midtown, RxBandits and New Found Glory together.  I went to the merch table (Three of those bands were on Drive Thru at the time) and picked up the RxBandits CD they had for sale.  Next to that though was a box of free sampler cassettes that had various EVR bands on it, but I mostly remember that it had The Stryder and Saves the Day.

            Yes, I will have to pull that cassette out one day and take pictures for the site here because it has been more influential on me than I ever could have imagined.  It was one of the last times (If not the last time) I saw a cassette on the same merch table as a CD, as after that everything just became strictly CDs.  (I assume now at shows bands sell download codes?)

            So yeah, this comes from that era of change, though it’s really under the new realm of cassettes and it’s just damn good.  

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