Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Girls and God “Girls and God”

            Girls and God is in and of itself a name that I could write a book analyzing.  Notwithstanding my Catholic upbringing (Nuns, yo) I have met many rather religious women in my lifetime.   And then there is also just the significance of someone like Mother Teresa or Joan of Arc, who would more appropriately be a “Woman of God”, but you know, alliteration always makes for better band names.

            The music on this cassette is within the same realm, but it still manages to take you on quite a journey.   From the beginning electro loops and piano notes, I imagine someone being born- a girl perhaps- and this life in some way could almost be the dawn of Eve in the Garden of Eden.  (Strange, I always remember Eve as a woman, never a girl)

            It becomes distorted drone with vocals, there are some great note progressions and it brings out the overall sound of a home recording perhaps.   This is the down to Earth portion of the cassette that I like to think of as growing up.   This is, in essence, a decent chunk of the life cycle.  There are sad times, like when it sounds like Ben Folds is covering Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” and happier times when there are what I think to be banjos. 

            If the first half of this cassette is life (And I’ve strayed away from the Girls and God theme now) then the second side is certainly of death.  We begin with a cross between beeps and pianos on a loop and the only thing it reminds me of is someone in a hospital bed, machines helping them to stay alive.  We never hear that low drone beep that is what some call the flatline, but we do end with mixed up/layered vocals (perhaps confusion?) before strings (possibly violins) come into play and I feel the soul leaving the body.

            I like a good story as much as the next person, and many times I feel like some of the best stories are told from the point when a person is born until the point when that person dies.   “Jude the Obscure” comes to mind as an instant example of this, and that is one of my favorite books.   So, now, thinking of that, this has become one of my favorite cassettes.  

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