Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Some Pulp “Some Pulp” (Forged Artifacts)

            This is the second cassette release that I know of by Forged Artifacts and they seem to setting their groove for some good ol’ rock n roll.   Some Pulp is garage with hints of pop and there are not really any other bands doing this style right now, and it’s not for their lack of trying. 

            As snotty as this might seem in the delivery, you cannot hate it or be offended as it is almost every as bit catchy.   The ooh’s and ahh’s of 1950’s rock n roll brings to mind the obvious Buddy Holly comparisons, yet it also could be something from the movie “That Thing You Do!” or to a lesser and more common extent, The Beatles.

            Side B begins with an instrumental number, being sure to point out the range of this band, and then we get into a song that would make “Teen Angel” blush if only for the sheer talent in it.   Some could say that Some Pulp is a band out of their time- that they are sixty some odd years too late- but I think that this is rather just a new alteration on a classic style of sound.  In this modern world of music, being what it is and all, this is a very welcome sort of comeback.  

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