Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: JonBlount_ “//hiddenLevels(Vol_1)”

            On first look, I’m thinking this is going to be some sort of 8bit cassette, as the levels are hidden, but it doesn’t really have any 8bit qualities to it at all.   Rather, the music within these songs are more beats based and come off in a (mostly) instrumental hip hop way.  I say mostly instrumental because there are some lines sung by a lovely female vocalist being sampled, but this isn’t straight up rap music if you will.

            While this cassette for the most part brings me back to my youth of driving around, listening to 2Pac on my car stereo as loudly as it will go, and consequently being hassled by cops with nothing better to do, this isn’t strictly 2Pac beats.   There are some horns, which aren’t really used in any genre specific manner but do add a lot to the overall sound.   Oh, and yeah, there are some sounds of dogs barking and I’m not talking about DMX.

            What I like most about this cassette is that mixed in with the hip hop sound, JonBlount_ manages to add in other elements to make this something not only creative but also genuine to him.  

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