Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: MOTHLIGHT “memento” (Friendly Otter)

            Mothlight is a hardcore band full of screaming.  They have the urgency of a band such as The Hope Conspiracy and the violence of a band such as Drowningman.   They are everything that I love about this type of hardcore music that borders both punk and metal so beautifully and just flawlessly as well.

            If it were some odd years ago, Mothlight would fit in like a glove with the band on Equal Vision, Revelation and maybe a couple of other labels that had that caliber of quality back then.   But now a days something like that—something such as that whole movement which no longer exists—is so hard to find because it’s never really there, especially when you’re looking for it.

            So out of nowhere comes Mothlight with “memento”, a cassette full of such personally crafted guitar work that it could only be presented to you this way because digital files cannot do this justice.   The only thing better than this cassette would be hearing these songs performed live.  

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