Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Krueleco “Regno”

                Am I the only one whose mind drifts immediately to horror movies whenever the subject of hospitals comes up?   Sure, there are other types of movies and even television shows about hospitals, so why doesn’t mind ever go there?

                The industrial static within “Regno” brings to mind wires.  These beat loops come up behind the hiss, behind the noise and behind the dissection of some kind.   I imagine a serial killer being let loose in a hospital- a real sick and twisted fellow- left to do with the patients there as he would please.   Though you may prefer for your imagination to run wild, let’s just say that your amputation will most certainly not be sterile and clean.

                Side B drops into a drum machine with manipulated feedback.  Distorted bass comes out, almost like trill, and I’m realizing that this mad man who posed as a doctor but is really a serial killer has now been identified and he is being pursued.   Think about it—going from hospital to hospital, harming those who are there for help.   There is a story in here that begs to be told.

                The piece ends with vibrating synth which can bring one of two conclusions to light.  My particular take on it is that this serial killer posing as a doctor (Could his character’s name be “Regno”?  Someone book this as a stage play!) makes a mistake and somehow ends up on the roof of a hospital with nowhere to go but down.   The ringing is the sound as flesh meets concrete and our story reaches its bitter end.  

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