Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: SlowPitch “Dimly Lit Existence” (What Rules)

            I have never been one to believe in something as being “normal” if only because that term is relative in so many ways.   In some countries, it’s normal for people to eat bugs (not in the United States really though)  In fact, in every culture other than in the United States it is seen as threatening to look at someone directly in their eyes, yet if you don’t do it here you’re somehow dishonest.

            So I must say- without overuse of the word and fully knowing the consequences of it- that SlowPitch delivers a cassette that is just plain weird.   That term- “weird”- might get thrown around a lot by other people because there are so many things they just don’t understand, but to me, even some of the weirdest music seems common place these days.

            This has these quiet electro noises trying to come out, only to be met by maniacal sort of laughing.   It’s a fairly good demonstration as to why most people don’t like clowns.   There are slow beats, which come off more ambient than anything else.   Oh, and on the second side we have a most awesome song which is more of a rap than anything else about different types of food.   It is truly something you must hear to believe.

            Weird isn’t always a bad thing because it just means that something is different.   But this time, weird means that this is just weird.   I do like it though because it is quite close to something I have never heard before.  

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