Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: graves. “We Could Stand Here, Silent and Still” (Lion Sounds and Tiger Noises Records)

            I feel like graves. is an interesting band if only because they combine so many different, yet easily related, styles of music that I like.  They are what I would call an indie emo rock band with hardcore minded roots. 

            The songs on Side A remind me of someone like Piebald or Garrison, only they get slower than that for the most part.  They have group vocals and grinding guitars, bringing out The Stryder or Elliott.  I don’t really have a modern point of comparison for them because modern bands don’t sound this good still.  (Not in this cross of genres anyway)

            Side B takes on a role where the hardcore shines through, as the lyrics tend to be those you could hear on such an album.  It also takes a turn musically for something between The Commercials and even The Canterbury Effect, which I must admit is a much needed serious, sort of grave change that was needed from Side A.

            Had Side A continued as it was, this might have overstayed its welcome.  Had it taken a different course, it might have lost the listener (at least this one).   But graves. did a perfect job of capturing what music can be like when it is not so one dimensional.  

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