Friday, May 30, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Slutty Hearts “Bones In the Snow” (Cassingle And Loving It Records)

            The music of Slutty Hearts projects itself in such a manner that you may feel as if you have heard it before, but odds are good that you’ve never heard anything quite like this before.   Within elements of lo-fi is beautifully crafted guitar playing that keeps the pace throughout, though it tends to speed up more than ever slow down.

            At first I hear what it would sound like if Billie Holiday was fronting La Luz.   This, of course, brings to mind bands on other labels, including but not limited to Coleen Green, and I just don’t feel like the majority of them can even compare.   There are also some hints of Fleetwood Mac and Blondie in here, but only ever so slightly and if every band was put on trial for liking those two bands then no one would be safe.

            As impressive as the music is, one of my favorite parts about this is the lyrics (as I haven’t been able to quote lyrics for what feels like too long) and I particularly enjoy the line in “Killer”: “I’ll snap your pretty neck just like a cigarette”.    If you don’t find a verse within these killer guitar riffs that you want to tattoo on your body somewhere then I’m afraid there is no helping you.  

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