Friday, May 30, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Core Shift “The New Land”

                Core Shift has an overall vibe on this cassette as sounding like a slowed down electronic band.  There are beats, there are lasers and it can even be spatial, but it is all done to a slower pace than something that you might otherwise think of as just being the electro-beats. 

                There is a synth quality in here that I like to call synthy synth because of how much synth it is, but this goes in and out in waves (Doppler Effect) and then towards the end becomes rather dark and brooding.   Even though every sign on this cassette points to something else within the music, by the end of it I’m getting a Lord of the Rings vibe for some reason so I’m just going to go with that.

                It’s hard because there are some rather specific moments within the trilogy of movies that would go with this, and on the whole the music would seem out of place as a soundtrack, but for whatever reason that is just the connection that I am making here and I’m okay with it. 

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