Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: RP GM KRC “Live at Nest 2K12” (Social Harmony)

            When this cassette begins, there are quite a few noises that sound like birds tweeting.   This is so much so that one of my cats went running to the window when they heard this, ready to attack.   We then cross over into more of an industrial stomp type of sound, which somehow comes out like gunfire. 

            There are loops a plenty on this cassette, and on Side A alone we get one that has climbing synth, as if the notes are falling up a flight of stairs.   An audio clip makes an appearance near the end of Side A, but also on Side B about how we must overcome.  

            Compared to Side A, Side B is a bit mellower.   It is electronic for sure, but it is slowed down now, the tones growing softer and hushed.  It doesn't get too calm, as I wouldn't consider it to be a direct inverse of Side A; it just keeps the pace enough to remain right on par.

            While this could be described as ambient electronic music, it is so much more to it than that, and what's more out of it comes within these little subtleties between something seemingly as simple as an Atari spaceship beeping into space. 

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