Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Monogamy “Nubile Bile” (Kerchow Records)

            I have previously been exposed to Monogamy via a split with Stars Are Insane over on Rok Lok Records, so it should go without saying that Monogamy immediately scores points with me for the love of cassettes and having multiple releases on this most awesome of platforms.

            On Side A, Monogamy is full of songs that are homemade sounding synthwave.   The vocals are distorted and on the whole this does bring out something between Illegal Wiretaps and Violent Femmes, which is quite a mix yet still so rad.   Drops of 8bit also come out in the songs, but not enough to make me feel as if I’m in a video game.

            There is somewhat of a contrast on Side B, as it becomes more instrumental and electronic.  It’s like the first side just got heavily distorted with beats, but it sounds so good and it gradually does build to this from the start so I should have seen it coming.   Side B also has the sound of Transformers transforming, which is something that I’ve always liked hearing on cassettes.

            Overall, this is a fine cassette on the whole, but if I was ever to give out an award for “Best Song” based on lyrics, musical quality and song title itself, the one song that I would give that award to and thus prove that you should at least know this song by Monogamy if no other is clearly “I’ll Spill His Blood”.  It is just superb on every level and infuses my love for Monogamy that much more.  

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