Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: "Battery Davis" v/a (Teen Action Records)

            This begins with some whirrs and sliding beeps over distorted noise.  There comes a steady drumbeat, and then we begin to hear the sound of Megatron.   We then somehow end up in space, with beats and whistles.   This brings out a lot of loops and dinging, and I'm thinking of Illegal Wiretaps for some reason.

            The second side opens up quietly, almost as if nothing is there.  A drilling sound begins to loop, and as it loops it intensifies.   Doom beats from the spaceship come next and all I can think about this cassette on the whole is that it's like Transformers, sure, except that we're being invaded on Earth by alien robots that are evil and none of them are good.

            Following a tone that is somewhere between synth and a beep, we end this cassette with some sort of robot talking and I assume in its native language it is informing us that we are all doomed and should be counting our days until the forthcoming invasion/our demise. 

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