Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: ORM-D “Owsley” (Virtual Urban Records)

            The very basis of the music of ORM-D seems so simple on the surface, but of course appearances can be deceiving.   Words like “electronic” and “beats” can come out on “Owsley”, but there is so much more to this cassette than just those aspects of it.

            Portions of this cassette make me want to get up and dance, which is quite an accomplishment because generally when I’m listening to music I am very lazy.  (I go outside and walk almost every day, but yet, do so without the audio aid of music)

            Other times, this can remind me of anything from the synth of Beverly Hills Cop to a game of laser tag.  The claps and cowbell from the drum machine make my son particularly happy because he was the one who showed me that there is a drum machine on my Garage Band app.

            There is just some flat out cool synth on here (This should be tagged as “cool synth”, no joke) and on top of that it is very busy.   I mean that in both variations of the word “busy”.  This is somewhat hyperactive at times, especially on the second side it can bring back memories of Gir dancing on Invader Zim, yet it is also quite complex as well.

            Perhaps the most redeeming quality of this cassette (Aside from its overall desire to rock through beats) is that it seems like something so simple and easy to recreate (Such as the color black, for example, which is a component of every other color mixed together), yet it has so much more going on behind the scenes that you cannot simply grab a drum machine and make this yourself.

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