Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Abrasax “Demo” (Kydoimos Records)

            The metal sound of Abrasax is quite heavy, and while there are punk qualities that can make it in your face, there are other layers of elements to it as well.   On one hand, an easy way out to review this cassette- and sum up this band- is to say that this resembles Sick Of It All.   But at this point in time, Sick Of It All has been around seemingly forever, has released more music than I probably even know about, and well, making that comparison is just about as broad as calling this punk/hardcore.

            The one band that this reminds me of more is Backstabbers, Inc., who I’m not sure how well known they are but seem to remember reading somewhere they were putting out a new album this year or did last year.

            Abrasax has the weight of a hardcore band you do not want to mess with, like Warzone, Shut Down or someone from Victory Records back when they were, you know, actually hardcore.  There are starts and stops amidst a d.i.y. ethic and just all around punk vibe that adds something more to this and it is just wonderful.  

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