Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Craig Salt Peters “Songs for Hungry Ghosts” (Lost Sound Tapes)

            When I listen to this cassette, “Songs for Hungry Ghosts”, by Craig Salt Peters, I hear some instrumental math rock portions, bits of what could be described as punk-ska and even the dreamy side of Buddy Holly era rock n roll.   Yet, on the whole, these songs remind me of something closer related to pop punk.

            Several band names come out of the recesses of my mind when listening to this, but I cannot quite place what exactly it reminds me of.   Early Saves the Day comes out, along with The Rocket Summer, pieces of Copeland and maybe in general just something from The Militia Group in the early to mid ‘00’s.  (I have no idea what bands are on that label currently)

            As I listen to this over and over again, the fun sing along songs with catchy words and guitar hooks, I begin to question why it matters what one band this might sound like, if that band even does exist as opposed to it just being a sort of collage of bands in my mind.

            And there it is.   It doesn’t matter.  There are elements of bands that I like, sure, but mostly that just helps this cassette to bring you a certain sense of familiarity.   It’s the feeling of listening to a band you’ve heard before and kind of knowing what to expect going in, only you’re hearing this for the first time.   It is quite a beautiful thing.  

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