Friday, May 30, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Norwegian Arms “Wolf Like a Stray Dog” (Big School Records)

            Every so often a band comes along that you just can’t put your finger on.  It seems like stating this is overrated and perhaps even overdone by many so-called journalists, but the fact is that for something like this to occur is not only a rarity in music but difficult for a band themselves to accomplish.

            When you think about the history of music and the books that have been written about it, there are just so many people out there who have put vocals, guitar, bass and drums together to create sound.  Not all of them have been recorded, this is true, but when you do consider the vast catalogue of recorded music that is at our disposal, it pains me to say I cannot find a comparison point for Norwegian Arms.

            There is an indie pop sense to these songs, though I wouldn’t quite classify them as indie or pop in other ways.   Bands such as Aloha come to mind just as quickly as Blue October, but then later on I can even hear bits of The Police, so it isn’t so much that this is all over the place as that it is treading new water. 

            One of the biggest comparisons to make- though not entirely summing it up- would be the earlier works of Modest Mouse, but again, this cool, sort of fun indie rock with an acoustic vibe just makes you want to roll your windows down and drive to the beach.    

            For all the years that I have been doing this and I’ve been listening to music practically since I was born and I’ve never heard something quite like this or felt this way before, so just take a moment and let that notion resonate.  

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