Friday, May 30, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Porya Hatami + Lcoma “Synesthesia” (Unknown Tone Records)

            This isn’t a split cassette so much as a collaboration, though I’m not entirely sure how the collaboration idea worked here.   Porya Hatami is from Iran, while Lcoma is based in the UK, and even though they could send files back and forth digitally, it just does seem to make it difficult for them to get together in person.   Although it is worth noting that this does have the sound of a cohesive unit to the extent that it doesn’t sound like two people but rather one and so that is definitely in its favor.

            The music on here is fairly quiet ambient.  It could be field recordings, but it could also be done within a studio (Even if that studio is a laptop)  The comparison points here are anywhere from thisquietarmy to Squanto, but somewhere in between at just the right decibel.

            A split cassette is a good way to hear a sampling of music from a particular artist or two, but this is not the same in the delivery so much.   Though it does now make me want to seek out these two artists on their own to experience their sounds individually.   

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