Friday, May 9, 2014


            For whatever reason, I cannot find this cassette on Bandcamp, so you’re just going to have to go straight to the Drid Machine website to find out more about it.  In any event, No Balls certainly has an interesting sound that I enjoy and can only slightly place my finger on exactly.

            In its simplest form, “I’m So Happy I Can Die” is a collection of songs that all follow the same basic structure:  find a guitar pattern that works, and repeat it over and over again to make a song.  Somehow, this might seem like a bad idea, as you can imagine what this might sound like in your head, but somehow it works when you listen to the cassette itself.

            There are occasionally horns on here as well, and in those parts this can remind me more of Blue Meanies in an instrumental and much more brief sense.   On the whole though, this cassette just reminds me of Weezer on some level.  I loved Weezer back in the day, but everything after “Pinkerton” was just a bunch of catchy guitar hooks and little else of actual substance.

            Hence, you take those guitar hooks, cut out all of the crap that made those Weezer songs so awful, and well, the result as it turns out can stand on its own and make for a viable piece of music on its own.  That might just be what it sounds like to me rather than what it truly is, but it just works even though it seems like it shouldn’t.  

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