Friday, May 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Clifford Torus “CLIFFORD TORUS” (Drid Machine Records)

            The first half of this cassette is split into two different sides all its own, but then on the second side it sorts of just sticks with a combination of the two.  What am I talking about?   Well, the basic division of the sum by being equal to its parts, of course!

            When Side A of this cassette from Clifford Torus begins, I can hear someone like Ted Leo come out at first.  Though this doesn’t last that long, because it eventually goes full on distortion with a steady beat and then reminds me more of a band such as The Lot Six. 

            The second half of the first side has a lot of clanking noises and becomes instrumental.  What many artists do throughout the course of an entire cassette, Clifford Torus has just done within only the realm of Side A.

            Side B is loud, distorted noise and I wouldn’t really call it so much of an extension of the end of Side A, but rather something different from that even.   So for a cassette with two sides, this seemingly has three movements and it’s also pretty cool how the first two on Side A build to the third and final movement and as they say on the A-Team (paraphrasing for convenience) “I love it when a tape comes together!”

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