Friday, May 9, 2014


            This split cassette between BLODSPRUT and FREDDY THE DYKE has each side labeled accordingly, and for whatever reason it was rewound to the side of FTD, so I will begin my review with that one and for purposes of the review just call it “Side A”, though there really are no sides here.

            The side of FREDDY THE DYKE is flashy.  It makes me think of the soundtrack to Las Vegas, as a city not anything else.   What starts as electro-beats ala The Prodigy turns into an almost singing sound and then some pretty heavy drumming ala “Spoonman” or I’m just waiting for Trent Reznor to sing about “Godmoney”.   But eventually it just gets this synth vibe of walking down the street with a strut like you own the place.  In some ways it reminds me of that scene in “Spider-Man 3” only not as dorky. 

            For BLODSPRUT, the sound is similar in some ways yet different.  This is a lot heavier.  It’s screaming noise.  Bands I can think of to relate this one to just come pouring out as I listen to it as loudly as possible.   The Number Twelve Looks Like You.  Ed Gein.  Black Leather Jesus.  CurlUpandDie.  Somewhat Converge, on that generic level.  And almost anything from back in the day on Robotic Empire.  (See: Daughters, and then let your mind flow)

            These two bands are different, but they don’t contrast enough that they don’t belong together.  Listening to this the way that I did, in terms of sides, was appropriate because FTD gave way as a nice intro to BLODSPRUT, but that in no way is to regale FTD to an opening act.

            I could have listened to this tape the opposite way and said that FTD was a nice come down after BLODSPRUT, but that just further proves that no matter how you listen to this one you just cannot go wrong, thus proving it to be most excellent.  

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