Friday, May 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: NOXAGT “Kill yr. Ego, Oslo 13.08.03” (Drid Machine Records)

            This cassette, which is a live set, opens with the not-so-true statement of “We are Metallica”.   Then, they quickly say “Thank you, good night” in what is probably the shortest set of all-time. 

            What ensues when this set finally gets going is mayhem.  It is distorted, loud and all out just a kick to your head that sends your head clear across the room.   It is thrash.  It is metal.  There are moments of sludge and just complete and utter violence.

            When not filled with screaming, there are instrumental moments as well and I do enjoy that.  I always appreciate when the heavier bands go instrumental, sort of to show violence can be had without screaming and all that.  

            As far as comparisons, there are none really, but the closest I can get is perhaps Uphill Battle.  (The one that used to be on- I think- Relapse, as there are probably a hundred forgotten bands with that name now)  

            But, hey, NOXAGT says it best themselves with the simple line spoken to the audience: “If it isn’t broke, then break it” (I’m paraphrasing here)   That really does describe this on such a great level and this is just some great, harsh noise.  

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