Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Kieran Blake “What Vicious Glow” (Port Vanderlay)

            What are the qualities that define a great rock band?   For one thing, Kieran Blake appears to be a first and last name, so this would seem like more of a one man show, but the music here within is still bold enough to be that of a band, so perhaps the answer is not in the name.  It’s just something about the melody, the song structure and the overall that the music gives off which makes for a great rock band, in my opinion.

            The songs on “What Vicious Glow” aren’t catchy enough to be too simplistic, but they are accessible enough to the listener that you can easily enjoy them.   On some levels, they pull out that folk feel which goes back to something between Akron/Family and the more commonly known Mumford.  Qualities of High Pop and Buddy Holly also present themselves, giving this a dash of that 1950’s rock n roll music as well.

            When those two are combined it makes for an interesting enough sound, yet we then mix in just the overall psychedelic type rock sound that could be attributed with anywhere from Flaming Lips to Zeppelin.    Regardless of how you slice it though, this just flat out rocks and needs to be heard, especially on cassette.  

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