Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Ill Clinton “Ragnarok” (I Had An Accident)

            To say that Ill Clinton creates percussion based beats is to say that Michael Jordan plays basketball, Andre Agassi plays tennis, Wayne Gretzky plays hockey, Babe Ruth plays baseball… do I need to go on with the sports comparisons here?   The instrumental hip hop vibe of this cassette brings out what I love most about cassettes, which comes from my youth and listening to them, but also has a modern twist.

            Such classics as PM Dawn and even the saxophone of Wrecks-N-Effects (both of whom I have/had on cassette when originally released) flow into something that at times can be dreamy synth, which is definitely closer to what you’d hear now.  For the natural progression that was inevitable between experimental and hip hop, which has become primarily wordless hip hop, I have heard quite a few of what I like to now refer to as beats-makers, but of them all I will hands down say that Ill Clinton is the best. 

            All of the times I’ve reviewed all of those other cassettes but didn’t know how to classify them exactly or who to compare them with precisely, this is why: because I hadn’t heard Ill Clinton yet.  So let this serve as your guide through the world of Wordless Beats-Makers, as it doesn’t get any better than this, though no one should ever stop trying. 

            At times, the keys flow down in triumph on this cassette if only to demonstrate the victory that is within the lines between not being able to compare something and setting the bar.   It is the little things like the cymbals on the fours and the Psycho-like ringing that put Ill Clinton in the head of his class.  

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