Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Hooves “Valley of the Craftsmen”

            My only problem with the band Hooves is that I cannot properly place where this band should be, but that has never really been a true problem for me.  I want to call this post-something, but I’m not sure exactly what.  Probably not post rock, but maybe closer to post metal, though sometimes I think of post hardcore as well.

            No matter how you slice it, this is heavy.  It’s just bang your head with long hair heavy.   It’s ripped jeans and flannel long sleeve shirts heavy.  But it’s not really grunge.   And for the most part, it can be instrumental, but there are some vocals here and there.

            In addition to what I want to just play the loudest that I possibly can, there is this overlapping duality of psychedelic qualities to these songs.  It definitely has a most amazing stoner vibe to it, yes, this is true, but I would also say this is something you could also trip to if you are into habitual drugs.

            This might sound like a crude comparison, but whatever.  Imagine if Wayne and Garth, not as a band but in terms of the music they like, were to take that magic tunnel ride with Willy Wonka and you’d be onto the general idea of what’s going on here and it is most righteous.

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