Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Port Vanderlay Compilation One

            At the risk of sounding naïve, I will admit that I did not know who any of these artists were prior to listening to this cassette compilation.   In many ways, this then becomes an introduction to music that a) is on the label called Port Vanderlay and b) is really, really good.

            All of the artists who have prior Port Vaderlay releases appear on this compilation, which is nice, and then there are a bunch of others which range from easy to impossible to find on Bandcamp.   Some of my highlights right off (i.e. artists I had to go download a bunch of other music from) include Mutandini Karl, Machine Girl and GUTS.WAV.

            The first side of this cassette has some electronic qualities to it, but also synth, and the female vocals on various songs also brings out Austra on many levels.  It does seem as if though, despite these vocal notes, that Side A is more of the instrumental side.

            Side B has more of the straight forward rock with vocals.  What strikes me most about this side though is the placement of the Kieran Blake song “To Lose Her Every Day” (with resembles Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”) next to the nearly opposite sounding Machine Girl.   The contrast, yet fact that they flow together still somehow just prove how well this cassette works. 

            Aside from the fact that this compilation is so great from band to band and the overall sound of it being experienced on cassette, if you don’t know even one of these artists you should be listening to this to better acquaint yourself.  

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