Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Dinners “Who is Lee B.?”

            What is rock n roll?  Does it even matter at this point in time?  The idea of rock music has been so far diluted and construed that I can only really begin to define music as good as Dinners to you by using comparisons to other bands that have been known to rock.

            Aside from the obvious choice of pointing out that they cover a song by the Breeders, Dinners also display the better side of The Strokes and Modern English right from the start.   Hints of Aldous Snow flow out next, and while I fully realize he is a fictional character his music is still just so real to me dammit.

            Add in some underlying, almost hidden, Foo Fighters guitar tones and you’re almost there.  You just need to have some Smoking Popes, Damn Personals and The Killers if portrayed by The Who come out, and then you’ll be closer to understanding this one on paper (or computer screen, if you’ll pardon an old phrase)

            Ideally, you just need to buy this cassette, crank it as loud as it goes and thank me later because it just all around rocks no matter how you compare it with whomever.  

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